A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins


A cousin has passed to me a copy of the Galbally Baptismal Register which lists the children of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien. See an adjacent link.

Galbally is described by another genealogist as "one of Ireland's most picturesque villages situated in the majestic Glen of Aherlow and just nine miles from Tipperary Town. The village won the overall National Tidy Towns Award in 1994. Galbally is an ideal location for a wide variety of activities. It has indoor facilities for badminton and handball, outdoor tennis and basketball and a number of sports fields for rugby, soccer and Gaelic games. Galbally is also an ideal base for hill walking and guided or mapped walks can be arranged."

The author continues and describes "Glen of Aherlow (the valley of the River Aherlow) extends about 15 miles from Bansha in the east to Galbally in the west and is between the Galty Mountains and the Slieve na Muck hills. The Coach Road provides a beautiful view of the area from the statue of Christ the King, which was erected by the local community. The church of Christ the King is located in Galbally. This route was used by Bianconi's Coaches which were the first to offer public transportation in Ireland. The glen was an important pass between Tipperary and Limerick, and became a hideout for the "Raparee", the Irishmen who were dispossessed of their lands and became outlaws."

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