A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Michael Daly and Mary O'Brien are believed to have married on 4 February 1832 at St. Michael's, Limerick, Ireland. We have no details on their background other than Michael was a farmer. Records show that the couple had 8 children - all of whom were born in Tipperary. There may have been more children but, as records were not always made and the high infant mortality rate during those years, we cannot be certain.

These are the children we are aware of:

Birth and Death date
February 1838  - 4 October 1911
Arrived Australia aged 20
John Born 18 June 1839 Did not emigrate to Australia
Edmond 26 September 1841  - 07 November 1919 Also known as Edward & Edmond. Arrived Australia with Mary on the "Rajasthan" in 1862
Mary March 1843 - 16 September 1926 Arrived with Edmond on the "Rajasthan" in 1862
Catherine Born March 1845 Believed not to have emigrated
Margaret September 1846 - 28 October 1914 Emigrated to Australia
Daniel 5 September 1853 - 1 September 1925 Emigrated to Australia
Peter Born 7 March 1855
Believed not to have emigrated

We know that Michael, Edmond, Mary and Daniel came to Australia. Michael came when he was 20 years, Edmond 21, Mary 19 and Daniel 20.

Over the years family members have gone to Ireland researching our roots. Church records are a good source of information.

A cousin has passed to me a copy of the Galbally Baptismal Register which lists the above children.