A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Hello everyone. Welcome to our new project.

We are Annie and David Cooper. For many years we worked and lived in Adelaide before deciding upon a career and lifestyle change……… we bought a farm on Kangaroo Island, off the southern South Australian coast. Click HERE to learn more about the area.

Wow. It sure is a change for us. We have been going to KI, to use the vernacular, for many years. The island is known for its beauty and preserved natural habitat. The are no rabbits or even predator reanimals on the island. We were so impressed during our earlier visits that we bought, a few years ago, a holiday home in Penneshaw which is the port for the ferry from the mainland.

Then, in mid 2008 we made one of the biggest decisions of our life and made it without regrets. We made a further committment to KI and bought a farm overlooking the sea at Emu Bay on the northern shores of the island.

Life on the farm while not idyllic is certainly satisfying and it is more invigorating and healthy for us than life in the city.

There is lots of work to do. The chores are in fact endless - including keeping the wallabies away from the kitchen garden! We are nearing the end of the drought but it is still very dusty. We had some good rains in April 2009 which have filled the dams and shortly will green the landscape.

Mind you, the same rains while very welcome will also delay our building program. Already the delivery of the material for our new shed was rescheduled because the trucks were getting bogged.

Here are some slide shows of our new life. Cheers
    Curlew Rise (a 2.7 Mb file)
    Web Photo Album

     Annie's Selection - when the rain comes....

Annie and David

An update: Sadly David died in 2010 but Annie continues to live their dream.