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A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Patrick Henry Burgess born 31 December 1876. He is the 11th of the 15 children of John Joseph Burgess (1840-1893) and Abigail Bride (1840-1910). He is brother to Mary Agnes Burgess (1863-1945) who married Daniel Daly (1853-1925). I received an email from Timo Tamme in 2012 about Patrick Henry Burgess. Here is what he says. The medal photos were provided by Timo and Brian Daly provided the photos of Patrick and Nora. I copied the information to his desendents for them to follow up directly with Timo should they so wish.

MWJ Daly

Hi there,

My name is Timo Tamme and I am medal collector from Dublin (originally not from here - so, on my letter here can be some English mistakes :)). Anyway, I just got one First War Victory Medal today. Owner of the medal was Patrick Burgess. I started doing his research and came accross with your site,

I just wanted to re-confirm that Patrick (Henry) Burgess is the same man. To you know was he involved with the Royal Naval Reserve during the war as a Merchant Seamann? UK National Archive Naval roll shows that medal owner's Birth place was Lower Ashader, Co.Cork.

and are showing more details:

Name: Patrick Burgess
Birth Date: 18 Dec 1876
Birth Place: Cork, Ireland
Father's Name: John Burgess
Father's Birth Place: Aghada
Mother's Name: Abby Burgess Bride

I am pretty sure that's him but wanted to re-check.

Kind Regards,


The Victory Medal

The Victory Medal (also called the Inter-Allied Victory Medal) is a First World War campaign medal of Britain and its then colonies and dominions. The medal was issued to all those who received the 1914 Star or the 1914-15 Star, and to most of those who were awarded the British War Medal - it was never awarded singly.


Patrick Henry Burgess (born1876) and daugher Nora (born 1919)
Nora Burgess (married a Mr White)
Patrick Henry Burgess (born1876)


The Burgess Descendants, Merriwa, NSW

Mary Burges

Abby Bride

The notes below are transcribed from a document prepared by my father, Michael Christian Daly, in the 1970's. Dad made a number of errors and these have been corrected in square brackets. A link to a copy of his original paper is above.
MWJ Daly

"Edmond , [Edmund] ]aged 25 came to Melbourne with Michael Magnor in 1878. Michael went his own way to Sydney, and [Edmund] gold mined at Gulgong with little success.

Edmond [Edmund] tutored the young Gleeson children at Goulburn for about a year and Daniel was drowned crossing the Talbrogan River in flood, on horseback.(File Note: I have researched NSW State Death Records, Coroner and newspaper reports from those days and can find no reference to this drowning incident - MWJD).

Edmond [Edmund] tutored with the Lovegreave (sic) family of "Hampton", Cassilis and later married the eldest daughter, Sarah Margaret.

Sarah was born in 1872 and died in 1947. She is buried at Cassillis Cemetery.

Edmond's [Edmund's] eldest daughter died young and their son, Ambrose was 3 months old when Edmond [Edmund] died aged 36. Ambrose's son, Gerry [correction:Terry] Burgess is married with a number of children, living on the farm near Merriwa."

I also received an email from a descendent of Ambrose and I have been kindly provided with an update on the family. Here is an adaptation of the text of the message.

(reproduced for research purposes only

"... my grandmother talked a lot about the Dalys and Brisbane. The story of Michael Magnor is also legendary in our family but the one I heard from my grandmother it is somewhat different from the one printed in the Brisbane paper. As I know it Edmond actually came out to Australia with Michael on his return trip and they both disembarked in or near Cairns to head inland from there to the gold fields. They split up and Edmond ended up down here teaching at Cassilis and receiving letters from Ireland asking after Michael’s whereabouts ....

..... We left Wybong in mid 2008 having, in late 2007, sold up after having been pushed out by coal mines. We went our own way from there and purchased a property at Merriwa. As it happened, the very week we started looking for a property to buy – anywhere – the property ‘Hebuterne’ that had been the Burgess family property from 1928 to 2002 came back onto the market. Terry and Kay Burgess had retired and sold it but it was only out of the family for 5 years as we bought it in 2007.

Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove) and her son Ambrose with his wife Margaret (my grandparents) had purchased Hebuterne in 1928. So now my children are the fifth generation to live here.

It is a really amazing coincidence to end up here. My cousins are all very happy with it as they can come back to visit and bring their children here too. They say it was ‘meant to be’ which is really very nice.

Our property is mixed farming - a new adventure ahead! We breed Australian Stock Horses and run beef cattle and prime lambs. We rather miss our Merinos but this country is too good for fine wool so we haven’t continued with that passion.