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ABIGAIL BURGESS (aka Abby, Abinea and Albinea) - THE USA CONNECTION

Below are fragments of Abigail's story. She migrated from her home in County Cork, Ireland to the US in the late 19th Century. The history of the emigration from Cobh in Cork has been described in a website dedicated to Cobh's heritage.

Abby was born in 1868 in Aghada, County Cork, Ireland to John Joseph Burgess (abt 1840-1893) and Abigail Bride (abt 1840-1910). She was christened in the same town on the 9 July 1868 and her godparents were Richard Cotter and Margaret Holland. She is the 6th child of John Joseph Burgess and Abigail Bride. Her sister Mary Agnes Burgess migrated to Australia and married Daniel Daly.

A letter from the local parish priest says that Abigail Burgess married Peter Coyle. The date and place of marriage is not stated. An search shows that they were married on 17 December 1891 at St John the Baptist Church in Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey in the US.

The 1900 Census for New Jersey West Side (Pavonia and Giles Avenues) reports that Peter Coyle is the head of the household. Peter who also was born in Ireland August 1862 is now aged 37 and he and Abby have been married 8 years. Peter's parents too are Irish and they arrived in America in 1884. In all Peter has lived 16 years America and is renting his home.

According to the same Census Abigail Coyle as she is now known (nee Burgess) was born in Ireland in May in 1874 and she is aged 26 years. We note discrepancies in Abby's age in various documents including church records and census reports for different years - she may have "taken" a few years for perhaps migration, work or marriage. According to this census, Abby arrived in America in 1890 so she has been there for about 10 years; she has given birth to 6 children of whom 5 are still living. They are:

  • Mamie, a daughter was born December 1892 in Jersey City, Hudson, NJ. Mamie attends school.
  • Cornelius a son was born 31 July 1894.
  • Peter a son born January 1897.
  • Joseph a son born December 1897.
  • Albinia, a daughter born December 1899 at Gates Avenue New Jersey - she is aged 5 months.

Cork - below you can refer to the map and the notes on the geography of the Cork area. Source -

Cork City is the primary city in the county of the same name locate on the south coast of Ireland. Cobh (called Queenstown in the 19th century after Queen Victoria) is the seaport about 22 kilometers south east of the city. Aghada is on the eastern side of the harbour opposite Cobh. They are about 27 kilometers distant by land route. Rostellan, mentioned below, is a small town enroute to Aghada and only about 3 kilometers from Aghada. It was in Aghada where John Joseph, Albinia and Anna stayed with the Burgess family for some years before returning to America.

In late 1902 or early 1903 Abby's husband Peter died and she decides that she and the children should return home to Ireland to the Burgess family. They traveled on the SS Cyrmic which left New York in June 1903. The ship is bound for Liverpool in England via Queenstown, County Cork. Nowadays Queenstown is known by its original name of Cobh and is a seaport town on the Irish south coast.

It is reported in the passenger list that among the passengers on board are: Mrs. A. Coyle age 28 and her six children Mary age 10, Cornelius age 8, Peter age 7, John age 5, Albinia age 2 and Anna age 1 who was born after the Census.

Note the changes to the names. Mamie is now Mary and Joseph (born John Joseph) is now John

Upon return to Cork, Cornelius and Peter are placed in a Sisters of Mercy Orphanage. Upon reaching their teens, the boys returned to New Jersey. There is more about this below. Abby's mother, Abigail Burgess (nee Bride) also mentions it in her letters to her daughter-in-law Sarah Lovegrove in Australia.

In 1904 Abby returns to the US aboard the SS Aurania which sailed from Queenstown on 10 August and arrived in New York on 18 August 1904.

The US immigration report notes that on board is Albinia Coyle (nee Burgess) Note the age discrepancy again as she is described as Irish aged 28 years, female, single, servant, can read and write and traveling from Rostellan (a village near Aghada) to New Jersey. The passage was paid for by herself and she has 10 pounds in her pocket. It is also reported that she has been in America before in 1904 and that she was going to live with her sister Mrs H. Mahony c/- 381 Hoboken Avenue New Jersey. This would be Mary Hannah Francis Burgess, who was born October 1864 and had migrated earlier to the US.

Abby has remarried by about 1905 to Michael Murphy aged 48 years as reported in the 1910 Census for New Jersey. It is his second marriage too. Michael is a brakeman and works for the railroad company. Michael arrived in America in 1863.

The 1910 Census also reports that Albinia says she is 34 (which is another age discrepancy) has had 7 children, 6 of whom are still alive.

The Census also mentions Mary Coyle, a stepdaughter to Michael Murphy who is 17 years old and single. Mary is an operator in a biscuit company. This girl is likely to be Abby's daughter Mamie Coyle, who is mentioned above in the 1900 Census. Mamie is an old form of the name Mary.


CORNELIUS (born 31 July 1894). By the time he was 16 Cornelius has left the orphanage and decides to return to the US. On 29 July 1910 he departs Queenstown (present day Cobh) Ireland on the SS Teutonic a Cunard liner bound for New York. Cornelius is listed as being 16 years of age and his calling is a baker.

According to the 1917-18 Registration Card Cornelius is a long shoreman at Pier 60, New York New York City and his mother, Abigail is listed as a dependent. He is single, tall with blue eyes and brown hair. In the 1920 Census for New York County and State Cornelius is living with his sister Mary and her husband Maurice McNamara. He is now 23 years old and still single and working as a long shoreman but now at the White Star Company. In a later Census for New York County and City (1930) Cornelius is recorded as boarder aged 34 years, single and a labourer for steamships.



PETER COYLE (born January 1897) Peter too returns to the US and travels with his brother Cornelius on the SS Teutonic. He is only 13 years old although the passenger list shows his age as 15. This may have been a deliberate discrepancy to enable him to travel without an adult. He is listed as a carpenter.

JOHN JOSEPH COYLE born on 07 Dec 1870, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey. We have no other details.

ALBINIA COYLE born 11 Dec 1899 at Gates Avenue, Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey.
Albina was not placed in the orphanage upon her mother's return to Cork from New York in June 1903 but lived with her mother and grandmother Abigail Burgess (nee Bride). Her mother returns to the US in 1904 and her child Albinia remains in Ireland in the care of her grandmother.

In the 1911 Irish Census Albinia is listed as a niece to the head of the household, Thomas V Burgess. Albinia now aged 11, can read write and is a scholar and a Roman Catholic. It also records that she was born in the United States.

On 30 December 1921 Albinia leaves Queenstown and arrives in New York 8th January aboard the SS Celtic. She gives her home address as care of her brother Mr. C.F. Coyle of 505 West 22nd. Street New York. This is Cornelius. In the shipping book it says she is to be discharged to her brother on the Pier. Albinia is now 21 years old.

In 1923 Albinia was issued with a passport to return to Ireland. It is recorded that she is working as a packer. She is booked to travel on the SS Adriatic sailing to Queenstown on 12th October and arriving New York 19th October 1924. In the same year she had booked to return to the United States but this was cancelled.

ANGELINA COYLE, known as Anna, was born 15th August 1902 at Giles Avenue, Jersey City.

In 1903 after the death of her father Peter Coyle she travelled with her mother Abinea on the SS Cymric back to Queenstown, County Cork, Ireland. Anna was a small child not 1 year of age when they arrived in Cork on June 1903.

When Angelina's mother returned to New Jersey in 1904 and she remained in Agahada with her grandmother Abigail Bride (nee Burgess) together with her brother John Joseph and sister Albinia) . In one of Abigail Bride's letters to her daughter-in-law Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove) she tells Sarah how the baby is now walking . This would have been Anna.

Angelina is counted in the 1911 Census for Ireland, Lower Aghada and is listed as being born United States, age 9 years, a scholar, Roman Catholic and niece to the head of the household (Thomas V Burgess) and she can read and write.

In 1921 Angelina and her sister Albinia left Queenstown for New York sailing on the 30th December 1920 on the SS Celtic. They arrived in New York on the 8th. January 1921. Like her sister Anna is listed as to be discharged to her brother on the Pier. It says that they are going to their brother Mr C F Coyle at 505 West 22nd St New York. At this time Angelina is 18 years old. In 1923 Angelina and Albinia returned to Ireland on the SS Adriatic, a White Star Line ship to Liverpool via Queenstown Ireland. Angelina is now 21 years old. The Adriatic arrived Liverpool on the 1 October 1823.

MAMIE COYLE- was born December 1892, New Jersey She is also known as Mary. After her father passed away Mamie went to Ireland with the family where she was placed in a Sisters of Mercy orphanage in Cork. They traveled on the ship SS Cymric which left New York for Queenstown and Liverpool in June 1903. Mamie is listed as being 10 years

On 5 September 1907 Mamie left Ireland on the SS Celtic for America. She is listed as being 15 years old and a citizen of USA She was discharged on the pier. Mary arrived back in the USA on 14 September 1907 and rejoined her mother who has since remarried.

In the US Federal Census 1910. Manhattan Ward 16, New York Mamie is recorded as Mary Coyle, Stepdaughter, age 17 years and working as an operator in a biscuit company. She is living with her mother Albinia and stepfather Michael Murphy.

In the 1920 Census Mary is listed as being married to Maurice McNamara. She and Maurice have a daughter Albinia who is 3 nearly four years old. They are living in New York. At this time Mary has two of her brothers living with them Cornelius and Peter Coyle. They work with Maurice McNamara. In the 1930 Census Mamie and Maurice McNamara are living back in Hudson New Jersey and with them is Mamie's brother Peter and her cousin Patrick Coyle.

MAURICE FRANCIS McNAMARA was born on 11 Oct 1888 in NEW YORK CITY NEW YORK. In the Census 1920 County of New York , Manhattan Assembly District 3, New York.

  • Maurice , head, 31 years, married, born New York , parents both born Ireland, Long shoreman, works for White Star Line. The home they live in is rented.
  • Mary, wife,25 years, married, born New Jersey, parents both born Ireland
  • Alvinia ( Albinia) 3 and 4/12 years born 1917 in New York.
  • Cornelius Coyle age 23 years , single, born New Jersey, longshoreman, White Star Line.
  • Peter Coyle age 21, single born New Jersey, longshoreman, White Star line.

Census for 1930 State New Jersey - County Bergen. Those present that night were -

  • Maurice McNamara, age 41 years, age at marriage 26 years, head of house, married 15 years, born New York and works on the docks
  • Mary, wife, age 37 years, age at marriage 22 years, born New Jersey.
  • Albinia, daughter, age 13 years, single, born New York.
  • Peter Coyle , brother in law, 34 years, single, born New Jersey,work it looks like docks.
  • Patrick Coyle, cousin, 41 years, single, he and his parents were all born New Jersey.

The Registration card for World War II records Maurice Francis McNamara living at 159 Laidlaw Ave Jersey City Hudson New Jersey. He is aged 53, born 11 October 1888 in New York. He does not have a telephone. His wife Mary McNarmara is at the same address. Maurice works for the White Star Line, Pier 61 North River, New York.

ALBINIA McNAMARA was born in 1917 in NEW YORK is a child of MAURICE FRANCIS McNAMARA and MAMIE COYLE married.

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