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A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Significant County Cork Addesses and Localities for the Burgess family
- the dates are approximate:

mid 1800's        8 West Beach Cobh (former address for the Atlantic Inn, see below)
late 1800's        Lower Aghada (from family letters)
early 1900's       House 9, Aghada Town Lower, Corkbeg, Cork (1911 Census)
1920's               Rector Lodge Upper Aghada Rostellan (from family letters)

John Joseph Burgess and Abigail Bride

John was from the town of Templemore, in County Tipperary and Abby came from Lower Agahada in County Cork. This is a distance of about 150 kilometers so it is hard to imagine how they would have met. It certainly wasn't a matter of getting to know each other at the B & S dance as it was several days travel on horseback!

John (1840-1893) and Abigail (1832-1910) were married in Lower Agahada on 1 June 1858. According to family lore, as a wedding present, Abigail's parents gave them The Imperial Hotel, on the waterfront at Queenstown (now renamed Cobh), County Cork. Abigail's parents were Richard Bride (born about 1800) and Hannah Fitzgerald (born about 1808). Both parents were born in Aghada, County Cork. A cousin has researched this and found a reference to the Burgess and licenced premises in Aghada but not Cobh. According to this research the Slaters pages for Queenstown and Aghada indicate John Burgess owned the establishment at Aghada - a much smaller and humble pub in comparison to the establishments in Queenstown. The family lore may have been reimforced by the story of Michael Magnor which was published in the 1930's.

It is believed that the hotel remained in the family until 1894. This Im uerial HotelUntil recently existed as the Atlantic Inn however the ground level is now divided into a jewellry shop and St Vinnies store while the upper level is a YWCA. The address is 8 West Beach, Cobh, County Cork.

According to a family member who knew Mary Agnes Burgess, the daugher of Abigail and John, Mary Agnes Burgess often recalled living there as a child after she migrated to Australia. Mary was to marry Daniel Daly in Maryborough.

Children of John Joseph Burgess and Abigail Bride

1 Edmund Burgess b: May 1853 d: Abt 1888
       + Sarah Lovegrave

2 John Joseph Burgess b: October 1860

3 Mary Agnes Burgess b: 12 July 1863 d: 13 March 1945
       + Daniel Daly b: 05 September 1853 d: 01 September 1925

3 Mary Hannah Francis Burgess b: 1864

4 Richard (Dick) Burgess b: 1862

5 Abinea Burgess b: 1868

6 Pauline Jane Burgess b: Abt 1870
       + Patrick Rogers

7 Thomas V. Burgess b: 1871
       + Catherine Furlong

8 Michael Burgess b: 1872

9 Elizabeth Burgess b: 1874

10 Christmas Paul Burgess b: 1875

11 Patrick Henry Burgess b: 1876
       + [1] Margaret Curton
       + [2] Catherine O'Mahony

12 William Burgess b: Abt 1877

13 Ellen Francis Burgess b: 1878