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A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

The Burgesses of Lower Aghada, Ireland - from the mid 1800's

There are some discrepancies in the Burgess records and I will leave it up to the direct desendents to provide me with any necessary corrections.

The following table was prepared by a cousin who says,"If I write anything about deceased family I always use their birth name rather than what shows on later documents. Persons visiting your web site most likely know people by their birth name. I add,if any, their nickname.

I have verified the baptism dates of all but two of the Burgess children. I always say the Name followed by baptism date and changed the names you have used to stop confusion." The link is to an image of the baptism register.

There are no baptism images for some of the children.
Paul might be identified as Christmas Paul.
Pauline may have been baptised some years following her birth, the reason for numbering her 6a (below) is not clear.
George Pk might be George Patrick
Source is the Parish Register in Aghada through the National Library of Ireland.

Baptism Image
Edmond John
Abina Bride
Peter James Cooke
Elizabeth Cotter
R Smiddy
John Joseph John
Abina Bride
Thomas Fitzgerald
Ellen Bride
R Smiddy
Mary John
Abina Bride
John M'Sweeney
Mary Barrett
R Smiddy
Hannah Teresa  John
Abina Bride
William Henry Roche
Elizabeth Cooke
R Smiddy
Richard John
Abina Bride
John Hayes
Mary Sisk
R Smiddy
Abigail John
Abina Bride
Richard Cotter
Margaret Holland
Ellen John
Abina Bride
Maurice Bride
Hannah Bride
Thomas Valentine John
Abina Bride
John Ford
Margaret McCarthy
Michael John
Abina Bride
Edmond Burgess
Johanna Bride
Elizabeth John
Abina Bride
John Joseph Burgess
Mary Burgess
Paul John
Abina Bride
Mathias Michael
Moore Eliza Murphy
Patrick Henry   John
Abina Bride
John Mahony
Hannah Burgess
Ellen Frances  John
h Bride
Michael Magnor
Fanny Smyth
George Pk John
Abigail Bride
Michael Lynch
Abigail Burgess
no image
Pauline Jane John      
Abina Bride
Richard Burgess
Abina Bride  

In an earlier message our cousin says " I have verified the baptism dates of all but two of the Burgess children. I always say the name followed by baptism date..." and our cousin has provided the following details.

1 Edmund Burgess b: May 1853 d: Abt 1888-----Edmond Baptised 3rd April 1859 died 15th June 1897 + Sarah Lovegrave

2 John Joseph Burgess b: October 1860 ------ Baptised 2nd December 1860

3 Mary Agnes Burgess b: 12 July 1863 d: 13 March 1945 ----- Baptised 20th July 1862 + Daniel Daly
b: 05 September 1853 d: 01 September 1925

4 Mary Hannah Francis Burgess b: 1864 ----- Hannah Teresa Baptised 23rd October 1864

5 Richard (Dick) Burgess b: 1862 ----- Baptised 23rd September 1866

6 Abinea Burgess b: 1868 ----- Abigail Baptised 9th July 1868

7 Ellen Burgess ----- Baptised 6th January 1870

8 Thomas V. Burgess b: 1871 ----- Baptised 19 February 1871
+ Catherine Furlong

9 Michael Burgess b: 1872 ----- Baptised 26 September 1872

10 Elizabeth Burgess b: 1874 ----- Baptised 31 March 1874

11 Christmas Paul Burgess b: 1875 #

12 Patrick Henry Burgess b: 1876 ----- Baptised 31 December 1876
+ [1] Margaret Curton + [2] Catherine O'Mahony

13 Ellen Francis Burgess b: 1878 ----- Baptised 1st September 1878

14 George Pk Burgess -----Baptised 25 March 1880

6a Pauline Jane Burgess b: Abt 1870 # I believe Baptised around 29th June 1882
+ Patrick Rogers

# Could not find these children on the Baptism records for Aghada Diocese
12 William Burgess b: Abt 1877 # ???? I don't think there was a William

Burgess Family Research Notes by Michael Christian Daly

Below is information about the Burgess children based on a transcription of the notes made by my Dad, Michael Christian Daly, in 1980. In Dad's original document there are errors and these have not been redacted. Therefore I have added file notes to clarify or correct any points where known. These are important as history over time can be distorted by family hearsay. The numbering of the children is not the same as that above.

Grandma's (Mary Agnes) Sisters and Brothers

1. EDMOND (Eddie the eldest) Born May 1859. Christian Brothers School. Brother Bourke. Departed (Ireland) with uncle Michael Magor's 2nd trip in 1875. Taught Gleeson family at Goulbourn. Gold mining. Young brother drowned in the Talbrogan River. Taught Lovegrove family at Cassillis, then to North Queensland with uncle Michael. Three letters from Townsville and Hodkinson. Michael (returned) to Cork in 18. Eddie back to Cassillis. See the letter from his mother 26.10.1880. Married Sarah Margaret Lovegrove March 1895 at Cassillis. A daughter died young, then Ambrose born March 1897. Eddie went teaching (NSW Education Department certificate issued 1887), was not well. Doctor suspected absess on brain but only injury Ed could recall was a horse bite on his back. Sarah and Ambrose came over from Cassillis and joined Eddie. Ambrose looked pale. They broke their journey at Stroud and Ed collapsed and died on the steps June 1897.

2. JOHN JOSEPH (same name as his father) born October 1860. Letter 26 October 1880 to Eddie.

3. ABBY born 1861 or later. To New York (before) 1887 and was married by 1887. Had 3 boys and 3 girls when husband died in 1893 and in December of that year returned to Lower Aghada Ireland with her 6 children. Three went to Sisters of Mercy Convent in Cork. See Abby's letter to Sarah Lovegrove of 1905 and the web page for Abby.

The other three - John Joseph (abt 1899), Albinea (abt 1900) and Angelina (abt 1902) were looked after at Lower Aghada (by their grandmother Abby Burgess - Dad gives their years of birth as 15 years ealrier so it could be an arithmetical error. I have calculated the date according to the 1911 Irish Census) until their return to their mother after Abby remarried in New York. In August 1894, Abby returning to New York, went down with diptheria, and Pauline, in December, went over to nurse her.

4. MARY HANNAH FRANCIS born 1862 married John Maguire at Cork and of the 13 children they had only two married. ie Mary Francis born March 1916 and John Joseph (same name as his grandfather) born May 1918.

5. MARY AGNES born 12 July 1863 (same as my birthday). With her brother,Richard, arrived Brisbane on IMS Chyebassa on 12 April 1884 then to Maryborough where she married Daniel Daly at St Mary's Church on 18 October 1885. They lived at Coventry Street Maryborough then Gainsford, Gympie and 11 Morris Street Paddington. Daniel worked for QGR and died 1 Septembere 1925 and Mary Agnes died on 13 March 1945. Both are buried at Toowong Cemetery.

6. RICHARD (Dick) born about 1866. Arrived Australia on Chyebassa with Mary Agnes . Then Talbrogan River? (see Edmond above). All the above is mentioned in Eddies letter of 12 October 1876 from North Queensland to Lower Aghada. All(siblings) below mentioned in letter to Eddie from Lower Aghada, 27 May 1897 - 21 years later except Pauline, Ellen and William.

7. THOMAS V. born about 1867, of Rectory Lodge Aghada. Married Kate Furlong (see Kates letter to Mary Agnes Daly (nee Burgess) of 31 August 1928). Children: Paddy and Ellen. Letter from Thomas July 5 1926 recalls Michael Magnor.

8. PAULINE born about perhaps about 1870, confirmed 1894. Went to Americia to nurse Abby in December 1894. Returned to New York on 7 December 1904 arriving on the "Oceanic". The arrival records show she is aged 19 but this may be an error.

9. MICHAEL born about 1872, married and some children. Australia. Read Thomas' letter of 1926.

10. PATRICK also known as Paddy. Born about 1873, married with children - John Patrick, William Joseph and Nora Mary. In 1897 was in Malta. He is mentioned in the Irish 1911 Census His wife, Margaret Curton, died in 1928.

11. ELIZABETH born about 1874, did not marry. See Elizabeth's letters. Cared forAbby's (her sister's) 3 children, then 3 from convent, Lower Agahada.

12. HELEN born about 1875, died young.

13. CHRISTMAS PAUL (known as Chris) born about 1876. Joined British Navy (photo at Merriwa) and invalided out but died of heart failure in hospital before he arrived home.

14. WILLIAM born about 1877, died young.

15. GEORGE born 20 March 1880. Joined British Navy. Died 5 May 1897 aged 17 at the Gosport Naval Hospital after contracting tuberculosis in Malta (see the letter of 27 May 1897 from Abby to Sarah).

File Notes for:

Edmond -
a. I have researched NSW State Death Records, Coroner and newspaper reports from those days and can find no reference to this drowning incident
b." Edmond" is the Irish spelling however his death is recorded by BDM as "Edmund" - the English spelling for the name.
c. Christian Brothers may refer to his schooling (as does Brother Bourke).
c. a cousin advises" ... yes, he did teach the Gleeson family children but it was nowhere near Goulburn NSW. It was at their family property Comiala on the Goulburn River near Merriwa NSW. He also taught the Lovegrove Family children at Happy Valley, Cassilis. He went to North Queensland upon arrival in Australia with Michael Magner and did not teach until well after this adventure and he also didn't teach the Lovegrove family until after he had taught the Gleeson family. He wasn't in Cassilis before North Queensland. As I understand from my family Edmund died from Septicaemia from a horse bite. I've never heard about an abscess on the brain, but I don't have his death certificate as yet to confirm this. Before teaching, I believe he had a time working as a Horse dealer at Rylestone.

Abby - Pauline is her sister

Mary Hannah Francis -
perhaps this is Hannah Theresa. I have seen records giving a birth date of October 1864

Mary Agnes - Gainsford is west of Rockhampton