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Mary Agnes Burgess (1864 - 1945)
Mary was born on 12 July at Lower Aghada, Cork, Ireland. She died on 13 March 1945. She was the third eldest out of 14 children born to Abigail Bride & John Joseph Burgess.

She was the eldest daughter. You can imagine the support she would have given to her mother before she emigrated to Australia on the ship "Chyebassa". Mary Agnes and her brother Richard Daniel travelled together to Brisbane and arrived there on 12 April 1884, nine years after her older brother Edmund left Ireland. She was only 20 years old although the arrival record kept by Queensland Archives shows her aged a year younger.

Family lore records that Mary's parents were hoteliers and they owned The Imperial Hotel which was on the waterfront in Cobh, County Cork. However recent research suggests that it was a more modest establishment and the researcher cousisn cannot locate a record relating the Burgesses to the Imperial Hotel. According to this research the Slaters (an directory of commercial establishments in Ireland) the pages for Queenstown and Aghada indicate John Burgess owned the establishment at Aghada - a much smaller and humble pub in comparison to the establishments in Queenstown. Searches through the Griffiths valuations indicate Richard Bride was a renter in Aghada but there is no evidence for him in Queenstown. There is evidence that at 26 West Beach Queenstown there was a Fitzgerald running a Spirit dealership but none for Hannah Bride ever having the surname Fitzgerald.

Queenstown It was a busy port from which many Irish people departed for new lands, particularly America. Cobh was renamed Queenstown in 1849 to commemorate a visit by Queen Victoria and so remained until the name Cobh (closer to the Irish spelling) was restored in 1922 with the foundation of the Irish Free State. (Source: Wikipedia).

The hotel was given to Mary's parents, Abby and John, when they married as a wedding gift (or maybe it was a dowry) by Abby's parents. The hotel was in the family until 1894. In her later years when living in Australia, Mary Agnes often told of living there as a child. (Thanks to Debbie for details).

Her future husband Daniel Daly arrived in Australia on the "Great Queenslander" on 2 September 1873.

Daniel was 10 years older than Mary. He courted her while posted to Curra Siding which is about 10 kilometres north of Gympie and 70 kilometres from Maryborough where Mary was living. They married on 18 October 1885 at St Mary's Church in Maryborough. Mary had been in the colony for about 18 mounts.

Government records confirm that Daniel's postal address was, between 1892-95 in Alice Street, Maryborough (town side, Ferry Lane corner) but temporarily in 1884 he was at the Railway Camp Curra Siding, Kanyan via Gympie.

The distance did not dampen their fondness for each other - imagine, working in those days with only one day off each week and spending most of that day travelling to visit your girlfriend. Whilst at Curra Siding, Daniel wrote a poem proposing marriage. Mary accepted and the marriage took place at St Mary's Church in Maryborough on 18 October 1885.

Over the next 14 years Daniel and Mary were to have 14 children. It was at times a lonely life for Mary. She missed her family, and Daniel was often away, for example between, 1898-1901 Daniel was working at the Railway camp in Cordalba. The family letters Mary wrote and received at the time illustrate the hardships experienced by our pioneers.

From 1919 she lived with Daniel and her family at 11 Morris Street in Paddington, an inner Brisbane suburb in Queensland. She called her home "Abbeyville" after her mother and the name can be seen in the old photos of the home. After Mary's death in 1945, the home remained in the family until the mid 1970's. It still exists and has been renovated. Click on the adjacent image for a large version of Abby's death certificate.

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