from Redhill to Gympie

A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Daniel Daly was born on 5 September 1853 at Konaboula, Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary, Ireland. He died on 1 September 1925 at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane. His cause of death is given as cerebral haemorrhage and respiratory failure .Daniel is the seventh of eight children of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien. (Refer to the adjacent menu for Daniel's parents and check out Galbally for more information on the area where Daniel was born). On 18 October 1885 he married Mary Agnes Burgess at St Mary's Church in Maryborough, Australia. (click this map to enlarge - copyright Ordinance Survey of Ireland 2013)

Daniel arrived in Brisbane on 2 September 1873 - just 3 days before his 20th birthday. He is on the passenger list for the "GREAT QUEENSLAND". Daniel's name is listed approximately 97th from the end of the list of 661 passengers as: DALY Daniel 19 SM. This may refer to his being a 19 year old single male.

The Brisbane Courier on 5 September 1873 reports the voyage as described by the ship's Captain. (see adjacent photo).

We do not know of Daniel's life during his early years in the colony.

Daniel was 10 years older than his wife Mary. He courted her while posted to Curra Siding, probably constructing the rail line; Curra Siding is about 10 kilometres north of Gympie and 70 kilometres from Maryborough where Mary was living. Government records confirm that Daniel's postal address was, between 1892-95 in Alice Street, Maryborough (town side, Ferry Lane corner) but temporarily in 1884 he was at the Railway Camp Curra Siding, Kanyan via Gympie. On the 1913 Electoral Roll he is at Coventry Street, Maryborough.

I have found a record of the appointment of a Daniel Daly to the Railways Department on 6 September 1892. This bears further research. He married Mary Agnes Burgess in Maryborough in 1885. Mary was also born in Ireland. Follow this LINK for copies of her letters.

Daniel eventfully was promoted to engine driver and he and Mary moved to Paddington after many years in the Gympie / Wondai / Maryborough vicinity. In 1913 he is listed on the Australian Electoral Roll at Coventry St, Maryborough. Later in 1919, and again in 1922, he is listed at "Abbeyville" 11 Morris St, Paddington, a suburb of Brisbane. This means that they would have moved to Paddington some time before 1919. In 1919 when Daniel was in his 66th year he may have been retired. As a railwayman after coming to Brisbane he was stationed (excuse the pun) at Ithica. He would remain at "Abbeyville" until his death in 1925. Abbeyville was named after his wife's mother, Abby Bride. The above photos show the name which is still on the original latticework in the 21st century and Daniel's wife Mary in the 1940's on the front verandah. Daniel was known to have enjoyed a drink and judging from his photo this could be well imagined.

The sailing ship the "Great Queensland"
in which Daniel sailed to Australia in 1873.
Daniel died in 1925 and Agnes in 1945.
They are buried together at Toowong Cemetery in Brisbane. Click on the photo for details.
Daniel, Mary & their children
in about 1909. Click on the photo for details.

One family researcher examined the Australian Postal Directory for Daniel and reports the following addresses for him. There may be errors in the original record or transcription of it as noted.

1884           Curra Siding Railway Camp
1885           Kilkivan
1892 - 1895  Alice Street, Maryborough
1895 - 1901  Cordalba Railway Camp
1896 - 1897  Cotage Street, Maryborough (spelling error?)
1898 - 1918  Coventry Street, Maryborough (renamed from Cotage Street above)
1920 - 1921  Kennigo Street, Paddington (the street is actually in Fortitude Valley)
1921 - 1945  Morris Street, Paddington

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