A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins


The Dalys of Tipperary and The Burgess Connection

Michael Daly and Mary O'Brien were born in the early part of the 19th century in Ireland. Information on this couple is sketchy. Their children were born in Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary. Michael was perhaps from the same area.

To identity Michael we sometimes refer to him as Michael Daly (farmer) as he is described as such on the death certificate of his son Daniel. Michael and Mary may have married on 4 February 1832 at St. Michael's Church in Limerick, Ireland although this is yet to be confirmed. Records show that the couple had 8 children. There may have been more children but, as details were not always recorded and the high infant mortality rate during those years, there may be gaps in the records. These are the children we are aware of:

  • Michael February 1838 - 4 October 1911
  • John 18 June 1839
  • Edmond 26 September 1841 - 07 November 1919 (aka Edward)
  • Mary March 1843 - 16 September 1926
  • Catherine March 1845
  • Margaret September 1846 - 28 October 1914
  • Daniel 1853 - 1 September 1925, married Mary Burgess
  • Peter 7 March 1855

Over the years family members have gone to Ireland researching our roots. Church records are a good source of information. A cousin has provided a copy extracted from the Galbally Baptismal Register which lists the above children. Galbally is close to the place of birth of the children.

Notes for Reader:
. See the adjacent menu item "2nd Generation - Daniel & Siblings" for more information than that provided
. We have no substantive information on Catherine or Peter.
. Daniel Daly is a prime menu item as he is the author's great-grandfather.

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Michael Daly

Brother to Daniel, Michael was born in February 1838 and died on 4 October 1911 in Brisbane. He arrived in Brisbane in about 1858 and married Bridget Rafferty in April 1864 at St Stephen's Cathedral Brisbane. Bridget was born in 1839 and died on 8 September 1876.

He later married in November 1878 Sarah Crewe who was born in 1849 and died on 26 May 1918. They were also married at St Stephen's Cathedral Brisbane.

Michael had the Spring Hill Hotel and later the Sovereign Hotel in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. Michael was quite a businessman and developed a reputation over the years.

He would have been astute to achieve business success starting out as a labourer which was indicated on his marriage certificate. His business and legal activities were regularly commented upon in the local newspaper.

For example, The Brisbane Courier reported on Thursday 31 July 1879 in an article about the local Exhibition, "The catering this year is in very competent hands, Mr. Daly, of the Sovereign, showing himself thoroughly equal to the demands of the multitude."

Michael Daly apparently had a falling out with his second wife's family. He successfully sued his father-in-law, Samuel Crewe, in the Supreme Court which resulted in the bailiff selling off Samuel's farms. There was another case also reported in the papers of the day of Michael again suing Samuel for the unauthorised removal of timber from land which he had sold to Michael.

Michael was buried in the same plot as his first wife in Toowong Cemetery while second wife, Sara Crewe, was buried at Lutwyche Cemetery with their daughter Ellen. Perhaps this is illustrative of the falling out he had with his in-laws.

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John Daly

John was born on 18 June 1839 in Ireland. He was the second son of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien. He was christened in Ireland.

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Edmond Daly

Edmond, the third son of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien, was born in Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary. He was christened in the same year. His godmother was Catherine Ryan according to his baptismal record.

Edmond arrived in Australia with his sister Mary Daly on the ship "Rajasthan" in 1862. His brothers Michael and Daniel arrived later. His sister Catherine and another brother Peter, did not immigrate to Australia. Edmond was a hotel keeper in the early days as well as a station master later in life.

Edmond married Mary Radford 13th July 1870 in Rockhampton. Mary was the daughter of James Radford and Catherine Howden. The marriage was announced in the local newspaper. She was born about 1849 in Ireland and died 31 May 1875 in Ipswich. A daughter was born from this marriage (Mary Catherine Daly) on 24th April 1871. Mary Radford died on 31st May 1875.

Edmond then married Elizabeth Smith on 16 August 1879 in Rockhampton. She was the daughter of William Henry Smith and Elizabeth Devine.

Elizabeth was born 29 October 1856 on the goldfields at "The Ovens", Woolshed Creek in Victoria, Australia. She died on 5 January 1936 in Brisbane.

Edmond and Elizabeth lived in Walmsley Street at Kangaroo Point on the southern banks of the Brisbane River. On the front of the house in Kangaroo Point was a plaque "Glen of Aherlow" naming his home after his birth place.

Tragically, before moving to Kangaroo Point, their son Edmond James died young as reported in The Brisbane Courier on Monday 14 January 1889.

Another son was Edmond William Smith Daly. This Edmond served in France during World War I. The Australian National Archives have links to Edmond William Smith Daly's war record. After serving in France, Edmond (the son) departed England on 12 December 1918 suffering from dysentery. His father died shortly after his discharge and return to Australia.

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Mary Daly

Mary was born in March 1843 in the Glen of Aherlow, County Tipperary, Ireland. She is the fourth child and eldest daughter of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien.

She was only 19 when she migrated to Australia with her brother Edmond and arrived on the ship "Rajasthan" in 1862.

Her brother Edmond is also on the same passenger list but his name appears on another page. Their brothers Michael and Daniel arrived in Australia later on.

Mary married James Doyle on 17 June 1875.

Mary died on 16 September 1926 in Brisbane. She is buried at the South Brisbane Cemetery (Dutton Park) in grave number 138, portion 1A.

Her daughter Mary Catherine Doyle was born in 1882. Her son Thomas Byrne married a Mary (May) Johannah Campbell in 1916. She died in 1932 and it is most likely this is the other person in the grave with Mary Doyle nee Daly.

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Margaret Daly

Margaret (1846 - 1914) married Thomas Parker Phillips on 23 April 1874 at St Stephen's Cathedral, Brisbane. A notice of the marriage appeared in the Brisbane Courier, the local paper in the day. Thomas, a saddler, was born in Stonehouse, Gloucester England . He was 24 years old when he married Margaret. These details were provided by his brother Charles William Phillips according to Thomas's death certificate.

Tom and Margaret lived in Tribune Street in South Brisbane.

Margaret died 28 October 1914 at the Mater Public Hospital. She was 68 years of age and died from peripheral neuritis and heart failure. She was buried the following day at South Brisbane Cemetery in the suburb of Dutton Park. Her death certificate records that she was born in Tipperary and was in Australia for about 50 years. It also says she had two deceased children, 1 Male & 1 Female. The boy was Thomas Phillips born 4 September 1881. The boy died shortly after birth. The girl was named Mary Catherine (Minnie) Phillips and she was born on 26 November 1877 and died 26 October 1906) two days after giving birth to her fifth child.

Thomas Parker Phillips died 13 years after Margaret on 19 December 1927 just before the start of the Great Depression. They are buried in the same plot according to the Brisbane City Council.

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Daniel Daly

Birth: 1853 Moneynaboola, Glen of Aherlow, Tipperary, Ireland
Death: 01/09/1925 Mater Hospital, Brisbane
Christening: 05/09/1853 Lisvarrinane, County Tipperary, Ireland
Marriage: 18/10/1885 Maryborough, Qld, Australia to Mary Agnes Burgess

Daniel arrived in Brisbane on 2 September 1873 - just 3 days before his 20th birthday. He is on the passenger list for the "GREAT QUEENSLAND". Daniel's name is listed approximately 97 from the end of the list of 661 passengers as DALY Daniel 19 SM which may refer to his being a 19 year old single male.

In 1913 Daniel Daly is listed on the Australian Electoral Roll as living at Coventry Street in Maryborough and later in 1919 at "Abbeyville" 11 Morris Street, Paddington - a suburb of Brisbane Australia.

Daniel was an engine driver and he and Mary Agnes Burgess moved to Paddington in the 1919 after many years in the Gympie / Wondai / Maryborough localities. As a railwayman after coming to Brisbane, he was stationed at Ithica.

His home "Abbeyville" was so named after his wife's mother. Abby Bride.

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Michael Edmond Daly

Born on 7 June 1887 and died on 10 August 1937, he is a son of Daniel Daly and Mary Agnes Burgess. Like many of the family he was employed by the Queensland Rail Department as an engine driver. In August 1917 he was called before a Royal Commission established by the government to examine the administration of railways. The Royal Commission was seeking a range of views from rail employees at major rail centres including Brisbane, Ipswich, Roma, Maryborough and Gympie where Michael lived at the time with his wife Justina Catherina Entenmann (aka Augusta Catherine Entenmann) and their 5 children. Michael and Catherine were to later have another 2 children.

In the list of railway employees in 1913, Michael Edmond Daly is shown as earning 9 shillings 9 pence per day (that's about 98 cents).

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St John Joseph Daly

Another son of Daniel Daly and Mary Agnes Burgess. He was born 5 December 1888 in Maryborough and died following a rail accident on 15 December 1944. The accident was reported in the papers at the time. He died of a heart attack beside the rail line having jumped clear before the coal carriage rammed into the driver's compartment of the engine. No one would have survived if they had not jumped clear. A cousin recalls that his "Aunty Molly and my mum used to tell the story that at the time of the accident they were staying with some relative down towards Brisbane and they were sent word of the accident and of Molly's father's death and were called home. They traveled together by rail home to Bundaberg. Of course it was at the time of the war as well and all along the journey home on the train and at stops at railway stations the soldiers and others were all talking about the crash and how the driver was killed. There was Molly hearing all this. It was terribly upsetting for both Molly and mum who would have been in the late twenties at the time".

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The Burgess Connection (from County Cork)

Mary Agnes Burgess married Daniel Daly, son of Michael Daly (farmer) and Mary O'Brien. Mary Agnes Burgess was born on 12 July 1864 at Lower Aghada, County Cork, Ireland and died on 13 March 1945.

Mary Agnes was the daughter of John Joseph Burgess (1840-1893) and Abigail Bride (1832-1910). John and Abigail were married in Lower Aghada on 1 June 1858. They were to have 15 children.

Abigail's parents were Richard Bride (born about 1800) and Hannah Fitzgerald (born about 1808). Both parents were born in Aghada, County Cork

John Joseph Burgess was from the town of Templemore, in County Tipperary and Abigail Bride came from Lower Aghada in County Cork. This is a distance of about 150 kilometers so it is hard to imagine how they would have met. It certainly wasn't a matter of getting to know each other at the B&B dance as it was several days travel on horseback!

As a wedding present, Abigail's parents (Richard and Hannah) gave them The Imperial Hotel, on the waterfront at Cobh, County Cork. The hotel still exists in the 21st century but has been renamed the Atlantic Hotel. (Update - the image from Google Maps "street view" now shows the hotel is a St Vinnies and Jewellers on the ground floor and a YWCA on the upper levels).

Mary Agnes Burgess arrived on the ship "Chyebassa" in Brisbane on Good Friday, 12 April 1884. The ship left Plymouth about 8 weeks earlier on 14 February. Mary's arrival was nine years after her older brother Edmond left Ireland. After living in the rural districts of south east Queensland, she and Daniel Daly moved to 11 Morris St, Paddington Queensland from about 1919. Her home was named "Abbeyville" in honour of her mother.

Mary Agnes Burgess would sometimes refer to herself in her letters to her family as "Agnes". Some of these letters describe the difficult life she led managing a large family on a small budget. Later, some of her younger children would stay with their older siblings as they moved away from the family home. For example Patrick Daly, stayed for a time with his brother Michael Edmond Daly in Gympie.

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Edmund Burgess 1853 - 1888 and Richard Daniel Burgess were brothers of Mary Agnes Burgess who married Daniel Daly above.

Edmund aged 25 and Richard Daniel travelled to Melbourne with their uncle Michael Magnor in 1878. Michael Magnor went his own way onto Sydney, and the Burgess brothers gold mined at Gulgong with little success.

Gulgong is a 19th century gold rush town in the Central-West of the Australian state of New South Wales. The town is located about 300 km (190 miles) north west of Sydney, and about 30 km north of Mudgee. (source: Wikipedia)

According to notes made by Michael Christian Daly in the 1970's, Edmund tutored the young Gleeson children at Goulburn for about a year and Richard was drowned crossing the Albragar River in flood, on horseback. A record of the Albragar River cannot be found but there is a Talbragar River which is in New South Wales, Australia. It starts on the western side of the Liverpool Range near Cassilis and flows west to join the Macquarie River near Dubbo. (Source: Wikipedia)

Edmund later tutored the Lovegrove family of "Hampton" near Cassillis in central New South Wales and he later married their eldest daughter Sarah Lovegrove.

Edmund and Sarah had a son Ambrose Edmund Burgess (1897-1960) and a daughter Lillian M Burgess (born about 1896) who died as a young baby. Edmund and Sarah were on their way to a new teaching position for Edmund when he died suddenly in Stroud. Sarah and Ambrose, who was about 3 months old at the time, returned to live with Sarah's parents on their property 'Hampton". Sarah stayed on there helping her mother raise her 15 younger siblings and nursed her mother through illness and then cared for her father in his old age. Sarah inherited a share in "Hampton" with some of her brothers when Sarah's father, Ambrose Lovegrove, died. Sarah sold her share to her brothers. Ambrose Edmund Burgess inherited a small legacy, not property, from his grandfather. When "Hampton" was sold it was sold by the Lovegrove brothers.

In the early 1920's Ambrose Edmund Burgess married Margaret Cronin of Cassillis, New South Wales. Margaret's parents owned "Oaklands" at Merriwa.

Sarah Burgess (nee Lovegrove) purchased the property "Hebuterne" also near Merriwa in 1928. The family's descendants lived at "Hebuterne" for nearly 75 years.

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