from Redhill to Gympie

A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Michael Edmond Daly born on 7 June 1887 in Gympie and died on 10 August 1937 in Brisbane, Australia. Michael was the second eldest son of Daniel Daly and Mary Agnes Burgess. According to his death record, the cause of death is given as hypertension, cardiac dilation, and pulmonary oedema.

Michael married (see a 1 Mb pdf download) Justina Catherina Entenmann (1886-1959) on 20 March 1910 at St Patrick's Church Gympie. It is not known how they met which would be interesting to find out as Gus, as his wife was known, was from Gayndah, Queensland which is about 180 kms north west of Gympie. Travel between regional towns in those days was not as convenient as it is nowadays. Perhaps Michael met her in Gayndah if he travelled to that town as part of his job in the Queensland Railways Department.

Gus was of German heritage. Her dad's family name is Entenmann and her mother was a Rau. There are spelling variations of these names. (eg Enterman and Rou or Raw). Both families migrated separately to Australia from Germany in 1855 and they settled in Gayndah.

Michael and Gus lived on the western side of Crown Road in Gympie not far from the centre of town and the rail station. This was their first residence and there may be a reference to another address according to electoral records; it may perhaps be in Mellor Street, Gympie after the 1932 tornado? Michael Edmond Daly appears in the (Commonwealth) Electoral Roll for 1913, 1922, and 1934. The names "Daly, ME" and "Daly, Michael E" appear routinely in the Queensland Railway Employees Index (1889-1940) starting as a cleaner in 1906, then a fireman before becoming a driver. But there are no addresses. Thankyou to contributors to the Queensland Genealogy Facebook page for your information and research.

Michael and Gus had seven children - five girls and two boys between 1911 and 1921. They were a very generous family and took in members of their extended families when social or economic need arose. Patrick Daly (1902-1967) stayed with them for a while and in the late 1920'a another cousin stayed with daughter Kathleen Daly (1910-1993). Care for your own family and generosity was a familiar principle in those days. Although not directly related to this story, it is worth nothing that it was a successful "mixed" marriage to use the parlance of the day - Michael was Irish Catholic and Gus was German Protestant. She converted to Catholicism on her death bed after being admitted to hospital when she fractured her hip in a fall at home. The family was very close to each other. At one stage in the 1950s after their seven children had moved from the family home all but one of the children lived within a few kilometres of their mother in Herston.

After the family's move to Brisbane, Michael's mother, Mary Agnes Burgess (1863-1945), also lived nearby at 11 Morris Street, Paddington until her death on 13 March 1945. Her home was named Abbeyville after her mother, Abigail Bride (1840-1910) who was born at Lower Agahada, in County Cork, Ireland. The name "Abbeyville" was engraved on the front latticework of the home and is still there in the 21st century.

Michael Edmond Daly's family would regularly take motoring holidays to Gayndah to visit the German side of the family who had successful market gardens in that town. The holidays were fondly recalled by their younger son, Michael Christian Daly (1917-1988) who is my father. This is also supported by Bill Davis who was a long term resident of Gayndah. When he was 81 years old, Bill a friend of the Entenmann family, wrote a letter to a cousin. This was in 1986. Bill recalls, "playing with Micky and Kathleen when they came (to Gayndah) at Christmas. What a feast we had from Grandfather Chris - melons, grapes etc from his gardens." Micky is Michael Christian Daly and Kathleen (1910-1993) is his eldest sister - two of Michael Edmond Daly's children. Chris is Gus's father, Johann Christian Entenmann (1840-1918). Bill continues, "Chris and (his) wife and family lived on an allotment in Meson Street (Gayndah) near the other allotment on which their last home still stands. Their house was destroyed by fire and they lost everything including £10 notes - their meagre savings."

Michael Christian Daly also was a keen photographer and recorded many family outings including trips to:

. Tewantin in 1926-28.
. Bowen in 1926.
. Bellenden Kerr in Far North Queensland in 1927.
Nurse Richardson's Lookout in 1927.
. The Maze (a jungle like location, but not known exactly where) in 1927.
. Gayndah, Maryborough & Razerback in 1929
. Noosa Beach in 1930.
.Tachchoi (near Gympie) in 1933.

There are also snapshots by Michael Christian of visits by their relatives to Gympie over a number of years and of the damage to the town by a tornado on 22 September 1932.

Michael Christian Daly fastidiously wrote on the rear of each photograph the details of the place and date it was taken. We are fortunate to have the benefit of his record keeping. Michael Christian Daly is second from the right in the adjacent photograph which was taken when he was aged 11 years.

Michael Edmond Daly has been a bit of an enigma. Michael Christian Daly never directly referred to his father although he did talk about his own happy, younger years. For example, the reason for the family's move from Gympie in about 1934-35 was never clear although it most probably was related to economic circumstances; the children were growing up and needed work. In the middle of the Great Depression the capital city of Brisbane likely offered the best work opportunities.

When the Daly family moved to Brisbane in the 1930's it was into a new home at 33 Scott Road Herston. Their house was named "Tumba". The history of this name is not known. I recall visiting Gus at her Herston home. Her grandchildren called her Nana and she was a kind gentle person who loved children. When I was a little boy, she would always leave a lot of cake mix in the bowl for me to lick. And she never got angry when, as a little boy, I would flick the lightning arrester off!

Michael (at left) was a railway man like his father and brothers. He was called before a Royal Commission on the Administration of Railways in August 1917. The Royal Commission was seeking a range of views from rail employees at major rail centres including Brisbane, Ipswich, Roma, Maryborough and Gympie.

Over the years the Daly / Burgess family spent much time trying to find what happened to Michael Magnor's fortune as reported in the newspaper in 1938 or the mystery of his disappearance. Michael Magnor was a Royal Navy deserter who took up gold mining and another identity when his ship was berthed in Australia. He was reputedly wealthy from mining but disappeared on a return trip to Australia. He was Michael Edmond Daly's half grand uncle on his mother's side of the family. Michael Edmond Daly's niece, Daphne, says that her uncle Michael Edmond Daly,

"had thought of going to Ireland to see if he could sort out the Magnor money. He put a huge amount of work in to it. I would imagine he was trying to do it for his mother Mary Agnes."

The intention to travel to Ireland is also mentioned in a letter from the Burgess family to Mary Agnes Burgess. I have sighted this letter extending the invitation to Michael Edmond Daly to stay with his Irish relatives. The extent of the family's interest in the fortune, as well as Michael Magnor's welfare, can be understood by the number of letters in which is mentioned over an long period of time Copies of the letters below are in my possession and all mention Michael Magnor:

Edmund Burgess to his mother in 1876
Abby Burgess to her son Edmund - 26 November 1880
Elizabeth Burgess to Mary Agnes Burgess - 29 May 1922
Tom Burgess to his sister Mary Agnes Burgess - 7 May 1926
Kate Burgess to Mary Agnes Burgess - 31 August 1928

Michael Edmond died young on 10 August 1937 shortly after his 50th birthday. His death certificate states the cause of death was hypertension, cardiac dilation and pulmonary oedema which often follows a heart attack. He is buried in the family plot at Toowong Cemetery on the hillside overlooking the city of Brisbane (Portion 7A, Section 169, Grave 20/21). The exact location details are also available from the Brisbane City Council through their webpage for grave searches ( as at October 2016. Michael Edmond's father and mother are also buried in the same cemetery as are many of his siblings, uncles and cousins.

Gus survived husband Michael by 22 years. After his death she continued to live in the family home in Herston until shortly before her death on 27 November 1959. Shortly before she died, Gus suffered a fall at home and fractured her hip; she was hospitalised and there she died. Gus up until her death was cared for by her eldest daughter, Kathleen who was generous in her time and love.

Michael Daly