A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

A tribute to Eileen Gertrude Green - An extract from her diary.

Born Redhill, South Australia on 8 June 1914. Died Adelaide, South Australia in June 1991

During the months following her marriage in February 1944, Eileen kept a small diary. She "fell" pregnant in March and in May, I guess when her pregnancy was confirmed, she resigned her nursing job in Sydney and returned to Adelaide. By this stage, husband Michael had been reposted to his regiment in North Queensland to continue fighting in World War II. The excerpt of the diary below is for August 1944. Michael is on leave and in Adelaide too.

From her notes we can feel her loneliness during her pregnancy without out the company of her husband, her strength, her character. I have taken a copy of one page of the diary at random to give you a "feel" for the emotions going through Eileen at this time.

I was amused by the entry Eileen made about the arguments for and against the referendum of 1944. She demonstrates her political and social awareness and the strength and convictions of her beliefs. I invite you to click on the links below .

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The 1944 Referendum
(referred to in the diary)

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Brandreth Street, Tusmore
The Diary

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