A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

article by Bob Hoad is extracted from a family history record held by the Redhill Museum in South Australia.

MWJ Daly

Thomas Peter Green 1844 - 1918; married at Salisbury 1869, Phyllis nee Burgess 1850 - 1913. They remained for several years on a farm known as part of Parioria Estate. In the year 1881 the family left that district for Collinsfield. They lived on section of land, County of Daly No. 18, it was known as Brooklyn farm; now the home and property of Dennis and Andreen Tothill.

On the 15th day of March 1890, Thomas Peter Green purchased from Thomas Robert Bright, gentleman of Clare, section of land situated in Hundred of Redhill, County of Daly No. 64. On this property was the Collinsfield Hotel. Thomas Peter Green closed the hotel and moved his family from Brooklyn to live there. Collinsfield Hotel became known as "The Peppers" Collinsfield.

Thomas Peter and Phillis Green had a family of thirteen children, five died as infants. The eleventh child of the family Thomas Leo Green 1889 - 1966, married Ethel Elizabeth nee Ellis 1891 - 1986, and they continued living at The Peppers as by this time Thomas Peter and Phillis had retired to live at Semaphore.

Thomas Leo and Ethel had seven children. Thomas Alexander who died in National Service, Borneo, World War ll. Maurice Leo died aged 11/2 years. Agnes Pearl married Lancelot Perrin.

James Martin married Ethel Letton. John Lawrence married Ruth Hewlett. Margaret Elizabeth died as an infant, and William Anthony.

"The Peppers" property is still in the names of John Laurence and William Anthony. Agnes is deceased leaving an only child Neil. James had a son Philip who is married, there are no children. John had six children - John, Jane, Andrew, Haydon, Trevor and Darren; all married, there have been fifteen grandchildren born of these unions. Darren and Raelene are now living at "The Peppers", the old Collinsfield Hotel.

Collinsfield Hotel Collinsfield Existed 1875 - 1893
1875 - 1876 Collins Joseph 1884 - 1886 McDonald G
1877 Collins Mrs M A 1887 Smith A
1878 - 1882 Lowson George C 1887 Collins A
1883 DeLance W.H 1888 - 1893 McFarlane G.L.

As taken from "Hotels and Publicans in South Australia 1836-1984"

By J.L. (Bob) Hoad