from Redhill to Gympie

A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Visit to Redhill and the Pepper Trees

School Bell

Green Family

War Memorial


Cemetery at
St Martins

Old Farm

Corner Store

My wife and I visited Redhill, South Australia as my mother's family came from the area many years ago. My mother's name is Eileen Gertrude Green (1914-1991).

We arrived in Redhill in early autumn after a long, hot, dry summer. The effects of the drought were to be seen throughout the district. I had done some internet research and found that many Greens were interred at the local Catholic Cemetery of St Martins so that was to be our first point of call.

The cemetery is old but well maintained. We later found out that the local primary school had undertaken a research project about the cemetery records and their report is in the local museum. There was a conglomeration of Greens and Hayes. My grandfather, William Ambrose Green (1883 - 1960) lived in the area up until 1925. His farm was named "Brooklyn" and his paternal family came from "Collinsfield" which is also in the district. He married a Hayes girl, Margaret Monica. My aunt wrote a story about this part of our family history and I have written a tribute to my mother. To learn more about this, please click on these links Aunty Phil's Story and My Mum's Story.

It was sad to see the graves of so many babies and young children. Life was hard and cruel in the early days.

We then called into the local grocery store and started chatting with the local storekeeper. I explained I was related to the Green family and that my mother went to the local primary school in the 1920's. She then showed us a report taken from the original school records and I found references to my mother's and her sisters' enrolments.

Country hospitality and generosity continued. The storekeeper offered us the keys to the local museum which was closed at time. We spent an incredible few hours at our leisure looking, learning, feeling, reading….

The original local council records of meetings from the 1880's onward provided interesting reading. As did, the land rates records in which I was able to identify my grandfather's property.

I recall when I was very young her telling me that she lost a cousin in the war. It was at the museum where I found the references to Thomas Alexander Green, my mother's cousin. I always though that it was World War I to which she referred and was surprised to discover her cousin's records relate to World War II.

Later we drove up Torr's Gap Road. I had last visited Redhill with my parents some 42 years before in 1967 and recall Mum pointing out her father's farm and the old pepper trees. The trees are still there but the house is an abandoned ruin. While taking a photo we were approached by a farmer on his way into town to the local bowling club (it was a Saturday, a day to rest and socialize). He was interested to know why I was photographing his land so I explained why. It turns out that he is Greg Hayes and a relative of some nature. Greg was very helpful and despite the fact he was running late to meet his wife, he took the time to explain and direct us to other areas of family interest.

Reluctantly we only spent a long half day in Redhill and will have to revisit the town. Here is a slideshow of our visit

MWJ Daly