A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendents and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

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Daniel Daly and Mary Burgess

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Abigail Bride

Hannah Bride
Death Certificate

John Burgess
Death Certificate

Mary Agnes Burgess

Mary Agnes Burgess

Mary Agnes Burgess

Mary Agnes Burgess

Mary Agnes Burgess
Death Certificate

Abinea & Joan Daly

Abinea Daly

Abinea Mary Daly & Robert Lynch

Abinea Mary Daly & Patrick

Abinea Mary Daly

Family and Neighbours

Daniel Daly

Daniel Daly Death Certificate

Daniel Daly Family Home

Daniel Daly & Family

Daniel Daly Proposal of Marriage

Edmond Daly

Edmond Daly
Death Certificate

Herbert, Mona & Kathleen Daly

Burgess Children

Gus's Family

Kennedy & Michael Edmond Daly and rail co-workers

Kennedy Christmas Paul Daly

Mary Katherine "Kathleen" Daly
& Michael Kenny

Mary Katherine
"Kathleen" Daly

Mary Katherine
"Kathleen" Daly

Michael Christian Daly

Michael Edmond Daly with Augusta & children - see details

Michael Edmond Daly Justina Catherina Entenmann

Michael Edmond Daly

Mona Daly

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Daly Sisters - see details

Edmond Michael & Daniel Daly

Justina Catherina Entenmann's family

Aghada Parish Records
Page 1

Aghada Parish Record
Page 2

Galbally Baptismal Regiser

Glen of Aherlow

Imperial Hotel, Cobh

Tipperary - Cork