from Redhill to Gympie

A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

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Some of the links include images of the letters. Please note that these may not be in the original handwriting of the correspondent as some were copied by hand from generation to generation - in those days photocopies didn't exist or weren't available!

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MWJ Daly
February 2018

Ellie's Letter (160kb)
1875 to Edmund Burgess her nephew .
Edmund Burgess to Ireland 1875 written to his mum from Townsville.
Edmund Burgess 2nd Letter 1876 to mother from the Hodgkinson goldfield.
Edmund Burgess 3rd Letter abt 1876, written after birth of Criss.
Michael Magnor's Last Letter (400kb) 1878 is Michael off to Queensland?
Abby Burgess to Edmund Burgess November 26, 1880. Abby misses her son and is concerned he is not writing regularly.
John Joe's to Edmund Burgess November 26, 1880. Brother John Joe also includes commentary on the deteriorating conditions in Ireland.
Abby Burgess to Edmund Burgess May 27, 1897. Death of George, Family updates. Birth of Ambrose.
Abby Burgess to Sarah Burgess Sept 14 1897. Abby response to the news of the death of her son, Edmund.
Abby Burgess to Sarah Burgess August 8 , 1898. Abby offers continued support to Sarah in her grief and thanks her for her help.
Elizabeth Burgess to Sarah Burgess August 8, 1898 Death of Edmund, birth of Ambrose.
Agnes' "1st" Letter 1901 to her sister-in-law, Sarah.
Abby Burgess to Sarah Burgess 1902 Abby thanks Sarah for the money. Express her deep love and would like photos.
Abby Burgess to Sarah Burgess 1905. Family updates, Ireland's economic woes.
Elizabeth Burgess to Sarah Burgess 1908 to her sister-in-law, Sarah.
Agnes' "2nd" Letter (30kb) 1910 from Coventry Street, Maryborough.
Michael Edmond Daly 3 post cards between 1917 & 1919 including one to his mother.
Elizabeth Burgess to Mary Agnes Daly May 1922. Family and health a concern as are the deterioration economic conditions.
Tom Burgess to Mary Agnes Daly 1926. Tom tells about the family. Michael Magnor.
Kate Burgess to Mary Agnes Daly August 1928. Sister's in law catch up. Is Michael Edmund Daly ill?
Michael Christian Daly's research notes (160kb) 1970's - this is about Mary Agnes Burgess's family.
Bill Davis's Letter 1986 (160kb) The Entenmann's of Gayndah - Bill reminisces upon life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
Michael Edmond Daly - postcards Includes images of the cards written between the years 1917 and 1919.
Eileen Gertrude Green 1960 Birthday letters to Eileen Daly (nee Green) from her parents