from Redhill to Gympie

A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Dorothy Elaine Peatey (nee Daly), daughter of Kennedy Christmas Daly, granddaughter of Daniel Daly and Mary O'Brien sent me a copy of a letter below which was written by Bill Davis, a family friend.

The letter is about the family of my grandmother, Justina Catherina Entenmann. Some of her siblings have the family name recorded as Enterman by the Queensland Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

MWJ Daly

68 Meson Street

Dear Mrs Peatey

                                Your letter the Entenmann Family. I can only tell you from memory of what I heard the old people talk about of those early days. I am 81.

The Davis's and Entenmanns were the "Big Family" as we lived close together in Gayndah. In fact, Jack and Chris came to our house every night for a talk. Summer and winter made no difference.

Let's start off with John Entenmann. I don't know if he was the father of Christopher Entenmann or a brother. He owned land in Meson St Gayndah which ran back to the Burnett River (near the Convent).

According to old writings he grew vegetables and fruit there as he had a display at a Gayndah Show in 1869. As the paper commented that it "would have done credit to any market gardener in the universe".

Mrs Beavis' grandfather, Chris , owned 2 allotments in upper Meson St and also grew all sorts of fruit and vegetables and grapes etc. Also kept bees.

I should have mentioned that John Entenmann was known to have pushed a wheel barrow of eggs from Gayndah to Maryborough to sell and brought back a hive of bees. No easy job.

I think Chris's wife was named Rowe and eventually they came to own the Roses land on the Burnett Terrace which we knew as Entenmann's Garden.

Grapes, Figs, Citrus etc. Chris & wife and family lived on an allotment in Meson St near the other allotment of which their last home still stands. Their house was destroyed by fire and they lost everything including £10 notes - their meagre savings.

Mrs Chris (Grannie) was loved by all and as far back as I remember she was totally blind. I used to do all her messages etc as a lad when I worked in the Drapery shops.

She had a fall and broke her hip and never recovered. Mrs Beavis must be "Gusty Daly's" daughter. I remember playing with Micky and Kathleen when they came at Xmas.

What a feast we had from Grandfather Chris - melons, grapes etc from his gardens.

Owing to my health I'm now confined to my home and can't get about much or I would have been able to contact the Council or Court house or Births or Death papers etc. The govt. has now placed very high fees on this information up to $2.

If Mrs Beavis could come to Gayndah for a day I understand they allow one to copy from their books at very little charge.

I do hope I have given you a little information to help in your research. Chris's family were Chris, Fred, Dave, Jack, Albert, Rica, Gusty, Mrs McMahon, Emily.

Chris had a brother, Frederick who mostly lived and died at Eidsvold. He was a shearer.

With best wishes

Bill Davis

PS All of German descent hence the good gardening capabilities.

An Oakland car from the same era - 1920's

Mrs Elaine Peatey
Maryborough Qld 4650
December 2009

Dear Elaine

Yesterday I received through Daphne a copy of Bill Davis's letter dated 16/1/1986 (above) which he wrote to you about the Entenmann side of our family.

Thank you for sending this letter. You have given me a few hints for tracing the family and I will go to the Family History Society and check their reference library which is quite extensive. I note from Bill's letter the vagaries in the spelling of the family names and this is an added research challenge.

To place me in the family tree, I am Michael Daly, son of Michael Christian Daly who is the son of Michael Edmond Daly and Justina Catherina Entenmann (known as Gus). We are first cousins, once removed.

I was delighted to read about my father's visits to Gayndah and the fruit fests. I recall his stories of those times when I was a young child. He would lie down in bed with us and tell stories of his own childhood and he would usually end up going to sleep before me and my brothers did. I particularly remember the watermelon stories. The Entenmann's would grow such plentiful crops and Dad described how he and his brother and sisters would only eat the seedless centres of the melon and discard the seedy outer fruit. I recollect the stories of his family travelling in their old Oakland car (with a dicky seat) over the creeks with their banks linked by a "spider bridge" - bridges suspended over the creek by means of two parallel logs on which the wheels of the car had to travel. Safety rails were a rare feature in those days!

Another story of the travel to Gayndah concerns my Aunt Doris (Doris Beavis, nee Daly). She was sitting up in the dicky seat of the car when it went over a particularly big bump in the track. Doris bounced right out of the car and into the bush. Fortunately there were no injuries.

I have always wondered why my father's family (Michael Edmond and Gus) moved to Brisbane from Gympie and when they did so. Do you know anything about this move?

I hope we can stay in touch. Do you have an email address? Also, please feel free to circulate this note to other family members. I am also sending a copy of it to Daphne.