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A tribute to Michael Christian Daly & Eileen Gertrude Green,to their descendants and to their ancestors and to the many cousins

Kathryn Margaret Daly was the 2nd child born to Michael and Eileen Daly (nee Green).

She was born in Adelaide on 17 April 1946 and died during a tonsillectomy operation on 01 February 1949 - just a few months before her third birthday. Anecdotally it was said to us when we, the Daly children, were young that there was a problem with the anesthetic; that she regained consciousness during surgery and suffered shock from which death resulted. We now know differently. The adjacent photo is of Kathryn in the front garden of the family home in Herston.

Recently Greg and I were talking about Kathryn and the impact her death had on our parents. He obtained and gave me a copy of her death certificate. The cause of death was simply recorded as "Tonsilectomy and adenoidectomy". This prompted me to contact the SA Coroners Office as I thought that surely there must have been a report or investigation into her death. The Coroner's Office retrieved the reports from their archives and sent me a copy. I have transcribed these and made them available on this website. As they may be distressing to some readers I recommend that such readers NOT click this link to the Coronial Reports.

Cousin Shirley told me that "I clearly remember playing with Kathryn at Nanna's and your family home. She was a pretty little girl and I remember her face to this day. I also remember my Mother telling us that Kathryn had died in hospital when having her tonsils removed. I remember the adults being upset."

Kathryn was an asthmatic and I think it was decided to remove her tonsils as it was the belief in those days that it would clear her airways and help her with her breathing.

I don't recall our parents ever directly talking about her death and I think it caused them great distress for many years. When our Dad heard our prayers before going to bed at night we each would call on God to bless all our family and say each child's name. Kathryn was always included. Another brother says "Mum mentioned when I was visiting her in the 1980s that Kathryn was the best child and wanted her to be remembered."

In each of the homes our parents lived in over the years, in Brisbane and in Adelaide, they always hung a portrait photo of Kathryn near the front doors. If anyone knows the whereabouts of this photo, I'd love to get a copy of it please. Kathryn's premature death is sad and hopefully people and society have grown more accountable.

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The photo appears to have been taken in the summer of 1948-'49 at Cleveland beach a bayside town near Brisbane.

Kathryn is buried in the same plot as her maternal grand-parents who died many years later. Our parents also rest in the same cemetery.

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